Posted by: Sharon Stewart | March 9, 2013

Eating Healthy…Boring Topic?

Eating healthy has had a bad rap over time…I mean, who wants to give up all the “good” stuff that’s slowly killing us?  Doughnuts, french fries, chili dogs, double bacon cheese burgers, soda…the list is long!  The “good” stuff is fun, its social, it just tastes good!

double bacon cheeseburger

In the long run of life, the “good” stuff IS killing us.  When we’re young, eating a diet that is full of the above mentioned items is really harmful to our health…but the ignorance of youth keeps us piling on more sugar, salt, and fat laden food because the consequences of this type of eating “can’t happen to me…I’m young and healthy”.

The reality is, it is causing harmful changes to your body’s health.  Keep up that type of heart attackeating and one day…the chickens will come home to roost with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes 2, and more…and don’t forget the mother and father of disease…overweight and obesity!

How do we change?  How do we make eating healthy an exciting topic and not boring?  Well, first consider the benefits of healthful eating, which are many, but include reducing the incidence of the above mentioned disease processes, tons of energy, staying at a healthy weight, longevity (you know…living long and healthy to enjoy life with your loved ones), and just plain feeling great inside and out!

Look at it this way.  If you think of eating healthy as a loss of lasagna, you won’t stick to it.  If you think of eating healthy as a way to increase your overall longevity, increase your overall health and as a way to enrich your life on all fronts, that is motivation that comes from within…intrinsicallyyou will succeed.  Besides, after you add delicious fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein to your daily diet, you will begin to appreciate how good they truly taste…those fries won’t be calling your name so often healthy peoplebecause you feel so good when you DON’T eat them!

So, eat your vegetables and be so grateful for all that they do for your body…the one an only vehicle you have to travel this journey called life.  And when you want to reach for a burger, or melted cheese, remember…the whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead!!  Food is your fuel and your medicine to keep your engine humming along beautifully…for a loooong time!

To Your Health!

Sharon Stewart RN

Certified Health Coach





  1. I also notice that as we start changing our food habits, our tastes change. So the unhealthy stuff we used to find so, so good -really doesn’t taste that great any more. For example, I used to eat Fast Food- I know, terrible. But now -ugh, and I hate to admit this, but I was unprepared- I went on a road trip and forgot my healthy snacks… the only thing in site was fast food chain upon fast food chain… we had to eat. So I did. And I felt the food tasted like cardboard. It literally had no taste. So those of us worried about eating healthy is no fun- it totally can be… once you’ve gotten into it the tastes are MUCH more satisfying!! Thanks for a great article.

    • You are so right…as you eat less and less “junk” food, your palate changes. You feel better on a healthy diet and when you do stray and eat (or you have no choice) fast food, you can really feel it. You feel lousy and it doesn’t taste that great to you anymore. The science of eating…we all need to remember that we are fueling our body when we eat instead of entertaining ourselves!

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