Posted by: Sharon Stewart | May 31, 2013

Posture Perfect!

Do you ever think about your posture while you’re sitting at your desk…on the computer working away, sometimes for hours…too many hours?  When you are sitting there growing your business, or blogging, or emailing, or goofing around on various social media sites, take a moment and think about your posture and how it can impact how you feel…and also your health. 

In fact, tension in your neck, which we can all experience while sitting behind a desk, may affect how your body regulates blood pressure, animal studies indicate.  While you are at work, sit with your back firmly against your chair, your feet on the floor, your knees slightly higher than your hips and your chair close to your desk.  You will be glad you did at day’s end.

Also, while sitting for long periods, get up every 20 or 30 minutes and just walk around…keep the blood flowing and not pooling in your lower extremities.  Actually, if you can put your feet up on your desk while making that big deal on the phone, all the better!

Another idea that I see many people use is to purchase a balance ball (like the ones that you see at the gym) and use that instead.  It forces you to sit up straight with your knees slightly higher than your hips as I mentioned before.  I’m about ready to give that a try as I am a terminal sloucher if I don’t watch it!!

Well, I hope that helps some of you!  Of course, if you are carrying around extra weight, that makes everything more challenging, even sitting at a desk!  Check out this cool link about how I empower people to create health in their lives LONG TERM…share it with someone you love…

To Your Health!






  1. Sharon, thanks for the tips on posture at our desks. I am curious, what are the benefits of using a standup desk, as opposed to sitting all day?

    • Hi Danny…thanks for your comment…I’ve been gone for some time but I’m back! With everything there are pros and cons. I know that many people like to think that standing is better than sitting and there are definitely benefits as mentioned in the article about blood pressure and posture. However, the nurse in me knows that standing for long periods also weakens your venous pump and that over time can result in varicose veins…combine standing with overweight and if you’re a woman, pregnancy the likelihood of that occuring increases.

      Regarding benefits of a standup desk, some studies have shown that people lose weight if they just stand up versus sitting…however, posture still plays a role whether you’re sitting or standing. I will have to dig deeper about this…interesting topic actually. Thanks again and hope to hear from you. Take care

  2. This is great information! Thanks for the advice!

    • Hi Amy…thanks for your comment…pretty interesting isn’t it? Especially when you spend several hours each days at a computer. I’ve been gone but I’m back. Would love to hear from you again…its great to hear from like minded people! Take care, Sharon

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